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Free Shipping On All Orders $50+

Why We LOVE Packs Flavored Bursts THCA Pre Rolls!

Packs Flavored Bursts Pre Rolled THCA Joints Add Some Fun

Every Mini Burst Pre Roll is equipped with a terpene flavor ball in the crutch (tip, filter, whatever you want to call it). Burst the ball, and a subtle wave of flavor is mixed with the smoke to add to your smoking experience. This is the only product of its kind on the market, and we think you are going to love them as much as we do. This blog is all about the flavors available from

First of All, What are Terpene Balls in Packs Bursts Pre Rolls?

Terpenes are the primary constituents of essential oils, and are responsible for the aroma characteristics of cannabis. Hundreds of terpenes have been identified in the cannabis plant. They enhance sensory pleasure and also have many therapeutic benefits, especially as aromatherapy. Our Mini Burst Pre-Rolls have terpene balls enhanced with special flavors that you can share and enjoy.

Packs Banana Flambe Indica Flavored Mini Pre Rolls from Packwoods Gummies

Squeeze the naturally flavored terpene ball in the crutch and subtle, but sweet, flavor of banana desserts like banana cream pie drift into your mouth, adding a layer of pleasure to your inhalation of top quality THCA flower.

Packs Mini Packs Black Cherry Gelato Indica Flavored Mini Pre Rolls from Packwoods Gummies

Packs Black Cherry Gelato’s flavor has been described as berries mixed with apricot. Squeeze to burst the terpene ball in the crutch, and this delightful taste is added to your indica smoking buzz.

Packs Blue Slurpie Sativa Flavored Mini Pre Rolls from Packwoods Gummies

Remember those hot summer days from your childhood when the only thing that could cool you down was the Slurpee machine at the 7-11? Burst the terpene ball in the crutch, and those same flavors drift into your mouth – only this time it is highest-quality sativa THCA getting you a buzz instead of sugar!

Packs Gelato Freeze Hybrid Flavored Mini Pre Rolls from Packwoods Gummies

Gelato Freeze might just be our favorite of them all (although it’s hard to pick from a list like this!). This burst of cool mint flavor really adds to your smoking pleasure. Burst the terpene ball, and a wave of coolness bursts from your pre roll, mixing with top-quality THCA flower for an amazing experience.

Packs Guava Bubblegum Sativa Flavored Mini Pre Rolls from Packwoods Gummies

Packs Guava bubblegum has a sweetness you expect from a bubblegum flavor plus a kick of guava tartness that might surprise you. Burst the terpene ball and mix those flavors in the heady smoke of top shelf THCA sativa flower, and you have an unforgettable experience in front of you.

Packs Jelly Dulce Indica Flavored Mini Pre Rolls from Packwoods Gummies

How to describe the deliciousness of Packs Jelly Dulce bursts? First of all, there is the sweetness reminiscent of the famous candy from Mexico. Then you’ll start to notice a subtle note of citrus mixing in. Your mouth will come alive along with your brain.

Packs Mini Burst Pre Rolls Come Five to a Jar

Each order comes with five mini joints, each with its own flavored terpene ball in the crutch. Each Mini Burst Pre Roll has .35 grams of top shelf THCA flower. No shake!

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