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Tropic Runtz

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Packwoods Exotic Gummies really pack a punch with a proprietary, lab tested, potent blend of HHC + THC-P and more. You’re going to need more than one bag of this luscious, tropical blend of juicy pineapple, tangy mango, and zesty citrus, creating a flavor explosion of sultry sweetnees. This lush Packwood Exotic Blend will give you that total knockout feeling you’re looking for, both body and head.

Why Exotic Gummies – Go Crazy with Exotic Blends

Who doesn’t love edibles? And who doesn’t want them to be absolute fire. All gummies sold on our Packwoods Gummies website are indeed, absolute fire. Seriously, these are some of the strongest gummies on the market. Hemp-derived exotic blend gummies have become increasingly popular in not only the wellness and health industry — but just take that well-deserved break and get that brain baked! Whether it’s the sweet and tropical notes of Tropic Runtz or the tart buzz of Sour Blue, these gummies get you gassed.

That Tropic Runtz Vacation Experience

Tropic Runtz: A flavor full of tropical fruit and hints of sweet berries. Crafted with the utmost care, these gummies come in tantalizing fruit flavors, ensuring that every bite is a delicious journey for your taste buds. These tropic flavor bombs will transport you to a warm white sand beach and you’ll feel so relaxed you can almost convince yourself you’re really on vacation in the tropics!  Take your gummy game to new highs with Packwoods Tropic Runtz Exotic Gummies. Savor the flavorful adventure that awaits in every bite.

Enhance your cannabinoid routine with Packwoods

If you are up-to-date on the cannabis world we now live in, you’ve heard of Packwoods.  As one of the most famous preroll brands of our modern times, Packwoods is known for consistently delivering those perfectly curated variety of strains from the world’s finest hemp. Originally perfecting the art of hemp cultivation and strain development, they jumped into the world of gummies, and you will feel the expertise in the knockout experience. Between the sweets, the sours, and the perfectly balanced fruity goodness, you’ll get that glorious out of this world ride you are looking for. One of the many reasons Packwoods is the incredible brand they are is their manufacturing process — using the finest organic hemp and controlling the entire process. We love Packwoods, and you will too.

All Products at Packwood Gummies are Lab Certified

Throughout history, the hemp plant has served mankind in many different ways –from healing rituals to manufacturing ropes and biofuel. But c’mon. We all know what it’s most well-known for. That’s right THC, marijuana, blunts, dabs, fattys, lound, ganga, gas, green or kush. Look at how many ways there are to say it.  However, THC is merely one of more than a hundred cannabinoids that naturally occur in hemp. In order for our product to be the absolute best it can be, Packwoods uses the best in third-party lab testing to ensure quality and safety throughout every batch of products. Axian Labs is on the cutting edge and each of our products has a certificate of analysis.


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