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HHC 500mg

HHC Sour Blue Slush

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Packwoods HHC Gummies bring that uplifting and very cerebral high that only Packwoods HHC delivers. Packed full of sour blue raspberry flavor, just like the slushies you craved as a kid on a hot summer day, each gummy contains 50mg of HHC! These delicious Sour Blue Slush hemp-infused gummies will leave you wanting more, but take it slow— you only want to be SO relaxed!

HHC Gummies – One Bite at a Time

Who doesn’t love edibles? And who doesn’t want them to be absolute fire. But with HHC, we need to get technical for a moment. The effects of Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) and THC Delta-9 (the main compound derived from the Cannabis flower that you’re probably familiar with), differ in intensity and character. While Delta-9 is associated with a cerebral high and mild sedation, HHC has a more subtle, lighter effect more conducive to creative and productive activities. Packwoods turns that HHC into an oil, which goes in to our delicious gummies. So we’re warning you up front. Take these one bite at a time… they are powerful. Pain, sleep, relaxation, appetite, it’s all there for you in an incredible edible form. We know you’ll love the overall high sensation you get form the Packwoods HHC infused gummies.

The Highest Sour Blue Slush!

Once you try Sour Blue Slush, it will quickly become your favorite gummy flavor. Packwoods HHC infused Sour Blue Slush gummies have a sour, fruity taste that’s perfectly balanced with a hint of blue slush, making them a favorite of any sour candy aficionado.  Coated in a tasty sour sugar to add that extra “zing,” you’re gonna love the HHC effects. These sour treats are part of the reason HHC gummies have become increasingly popular. Not only for their potential benefits, which include everything from easing anxiety to improving mood, but that straight forward balls to the wall euphoria you crave.

Enhance your cannabinoid routine with Packwoods

If you are up-to-date on the cannabis world we now live in, you’ve heard of Packwoods.  As one of the most famous preroll brands of our modern times, Packwoods is known for consistently delivering those perfectly curated variety of strains from the world’s finest hemp. Originally perfecting the art of hemp cultivation and strain development, they jumped into the world of gummies, and you will feel the expertise in the knockout experience. Between the sweets, the sours, and the perfectly balanced fruity goodness, you’ll get that glorious out of this world ride you are looking for. One of the many reasons Packwoods is the incredible brand they are is their manufacturing process — using the finest organic hemp and controlling the entire process. We love Packwoods, and you will too.

All Products at Packwood Gummies are Lab Certified

Throughout history, the hemp plant has served mankind in many different ways –from healing rituals to manufacturing ropes and biofuel. But c’mon. We all know what it’s most well-known for. That’s right THC, marijuana, blunts, dabs, fattys, lound, ganga, gas, green or kush. Look at how many ways there are to say it.  However, THC is merely one of more than a hundred cannabinoids that naturally occur in hemp. In order for our product to be the absolute best it can be, Packwoods uses the best in third-party lab testing to ensure quality and safety throughout every batch of products. Axian Labs is on the cutting edge and each of our products has a certificate of analysis.


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