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THCa Mini Burst Indica

Banana Flambe

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Packs Hash Rosin Banana Flambe Mini Bursts THCa Pre-Rolls are bursting with flavor. How? These pre-rolls have a naturally flavored terpene ball in the tip that you burst for that banana flambe goodness. Even better, they deliver the same buzz as the THC you know and love. Why? Because THCa converts to THC when you light it up, but it is Federally legal! Have you tried Banana Flambe? It’s sweet and creamy, with notes of ripe banana, caramel, and vanilla. Perfect for sharing with friends or for a solo smoke session.

  • 5 Mini Joints per package – Each with .35 grams of Indica flower.
  • 27% Melted Diamonds THCa
  • Burst the naturally derived Banana Flambe terpene ball in the filter to release the flavor.
  • Serving size varies based on personal preference and tolerance
  • Pre-rolled and ready to light up, no additional device required

So What is a Terpene Ball Anyway?

Terpenes are the primary constituents of essential oils, and are responsible for the aroma characteristics of cannabis. Hundreds of terpenes have been identified in the cannabis plant. They enhance sensory pleasure and also have many therapeutic benefits, especially as aromatherapy. Our Mini Burst Pre-Rolls have terpene balls enhanced with special flavors that you can share and enjoy.

High Quality Flower Meets Terpene Ball Flavor Burst

These mini pre-rolls are unique in the cannabis market.

Not only are they made with the finest-quality flower (no shake ever!), they are BURSTING with natural terpene banana flavor! In the crutch (or filter tip), there is a natural terpene ball that you squeeze to burst, releasing the naturally derived banana flambe. Until the ball is burst, the pre-roll won’t have that burst of flavor. When the smoke passes through the crutch, a subtle burst of sweet banana flambe deliciousness is added to your smoking enjoyment.

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