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Free Shipping On All Orders $50+

Packwoods Gummies – We’re not Just Gummies Any More!

If you have been following Packwoods Gummies for the past six months, you have probably noticed a LOT of changes. We started out in late 2023 as the official online vendor of all Packwoods gummies products, but have since expanded into Packwoods Vapes and Pre-rolls. We have a TON of choices now. TOO MANY to cram all into one blog, so this is Part 1 of a series focused on all of our gummy offerings

Packwoods Gummies sells ALL of Packwoods alternative cannabinoid gummies.

If they are available, we have them IN STOCK.

These were our very first product line. There is only one flavor of 500 MG HHC Gummies available right now – Sour Blue Slush – and we have them. Ten 50-MG gummies per bag. The flavor will remind you drinking slushies from the corner store on hot summer days, but the HHC kick will take you somewhere completely different. These are strong as they are tasty. HHC has a head-centric buzz. You’ll find yourself out in the world thinking new thoughts, not passed out on the couch in front of the TV eating potato chips.

Packwoods Gummieshas Packwoods Exotic Blend Gummies In Stock and ON SALE 

Our Exotic Blends Gummies have a proprietary blend of lab-tested HHC, THC-P, and other Federally legal canabanoids. Each bag comes with 10 gummies of 50 MG of cannabinoid each. They pack a strong punch and come in a variety of flavors:

  • Packwoods Lemon Cherry Gelato Exotic Blend gummies. Sweet and citrusy!
  • Packwoods Jelly Dulce Exotic Blend gummies. Sweet like the famous Mexican Candy.
  • Packwoods Rainbow Skittlez Exotic Blend gummies – Just like the famous candy they pay tribute to, they have a variety of flavors: Grape (purple) Lemon (yellow) Lime (green) Orange (orange) Strawberry (red).
  • Packwoods Sherblato Exotic Blend gummies – people describe the flavor as partly the sweetness of cookies, with some tart citrus flavors mixed in. It’s unique and hard to describe. You’ll have to try them yourself!
  • Packwoods Sunset Sherbet Exotic Blend gummies – we like to say that these taste just like their name. It’s sweet and fruity like a tangerine sherbet dessert.
  • Packwoods Tropic Runtz Exotic Blend gummies – these have a lush tropical flavor blending juicy pineapple, tangy mango, and zesty citrus. There is a lot going on here, and you’ll have to try them yourself.

Packwoods Gummieshas Packwoods Super Smacked HHC 3600 MG Gummies In Stock and ON SALE

Super Smacked 3600 MG gummies are our newest addition to our line of Packwoods edibles. These are like our 500 MG HHC gummies, but on Godzilla steroids. Each gummy has a whopping 360 MG of Federally Legal HHC. To put it mildly, unless you are a seasoned pro, do shove the whole thing in your mouth all at once, unless you have quite a bit of time to spare. They bring on an intense head high and last a long, long time. We have Packwoods 3600 MG gummies in stock and in a variety of flavors:

  • Packwoods Passion Fruit Punch 3600 MG HHC Gummies – these have a delicious fruity flavor. Bright and tangy!
  • Packwoods Sour Blue Slush 3600 MG HHC Gummies – these have the same flavor as our 500 MG Sour Blue Slush Gummies. Very much like a blue blue slushy from your childhood.
  • Packwoods Sour Green Apple 3600 MG HHC Gummies – these will remind you of those jolly apple hard candies that you never had out of your mouth all through elementary school.
  • Packwoods Strawberry Limeade 3600 MG HHC Gummies – these taste like sitting out on your porch on a hot summer day sipping a fruity iced drink. Sweet like strawberries and tart like limes.

So What’s next from Packwoods Gummieson the Gummies Front?

The mad geniuses at Packwoods are always working on new products and flavors. We think there will be a line of Super Smacked gummies in different cannabinoid forms in the near future, and this will be the place to find them.

Packwoods GummiesHas all your Favorite Packwoods Gummies In Stock and ON SALE!

That’s right. We still have all of your favorite gummies marked down from original prices, and don’t forget that shipping is FREE for all orders over $50. You can shop for gummies by clicking the shop button at the top of this page and selecting Gummies.

The Next Blog will be Part 2 – Vapes and Pre-Rolls

So, be sure to check back. Thanks for reading our blog!