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Introducing Packwoods Super Smacked Delta 9 3600mg Gummies

So, just how strong are Hemp-Derived Delta-9 3600 mg Super Smacked Gummies anyway? 

We have just launched a new product on the site: Hemp-derived Delta-9 3600 mg Super Smacked gummies. They are insanely strong, so we thought we’d do a little home experimentation and write about it.

First of All, What is Hemp-Derived Delta-9?

It’s sounds more confusing that it is. THC Delta-9 is the molecule that we all know and love that is the predominant one produced by cannabis plants, mainly in the flower. Hemp plants also have THC Delta-9, but in MUCH lower concentrations. The 2018 Farm Bill allows hemp to be legal as long as it contains less than .3% THC Delta-9.

So, the chemistry geniuses of the cannabis business have found ways to extract and then concentrate the THC Delta-9 from hemp plants and still stay within the legal limits. Here is where it gets interesting: Hemp Derived THC Delta-9 is MOLECULARLY IDENTICAL to Delta-9 from cannabis plants. Federally legal, but identical.

How much Delta-9 is in a typical Packwoods Gummy?

Most gummies are limited to 10 mg of THC Delta-9 per gummy, with a total of 10 mg in a bag of 10 gummies.

Here is where it gets a little crazy! Each Super Smacked hemp-derived Delta-9 gummy has 360 mg of THC Delta-9, and a bag of 10 gummies comes in a whopping total of 3600 mg!!

Our Team at boldly tested our Hemp-Derived Delta-9 gummies for you

Without naming names, two of our company founders tried them out and here are the results:

Founder #1 – was feeling bold and ate one half of one gummy (180 mg). He reports eating it on a Saturday night and FEELING HIGH UNTIL MONDAY AT LUNCH TIME!!

Founder #2 – was a little less brave than Founder #1 and ate something like 1/3 of one gummy (120 mg). Was orbiting Mars about a half hour later and profoundly high when he passed out several hours later. No effects noticed in the morning.

Summary of Hemp-Derived Delta-9 Gummies

Buckle Up! Start slowly and see how they affect you. These gummies are not for newbies!