Free Shipping On All Orders $50+

Free Shipping On All Orders $50+

Fungummies, LLC Launches Direct-to-Consumer Website Featuring Exclusive Packwoods Gummies. is the official retail partner of Packwoods Los Angeles, with introductory pricing at just $19.95/bag

Los Angeles, California (November 1st, 2023)  – Fungummies is proud to announce the launch of its first retail website, . With long term plans of further collaborations to bring the absolute best psychoactive hemp derived products to customers throughout the US, is launching with an incredible introductory offer of 19.95 on ALL available Packwoods gummies. Completely legal, effective, lab-tested, and tasty, Packwoods is world renown for bringing you the finest quality hemp products. And is here for easy purchase of these products.


With our easy-to-use website, free-shipping on orders over $50, and incredible customer service, will soon be the premier outlet for all Packwoods gummy products, plus other cannabidiol edible derivatives of the highest quality, most exciting flavors, and the best mind-altering experience every human needs. You’ll feel the difference after every gummy!

Packwoods Edibles Stand Apart

As one of the most famous preroll brands of our modern times, Packwoods is known for consistently delivering those perfectly curated variety of strains from the world’s finest hemp. Originally perfecting the art of hemp cultivation and strain development, they jumped into the world of gummies, and you will feel the expertise in the knockout experience. Between the sweets, the sours, and the perfectly balanced fruity goodness, you’ll get that glorious out of this world ride you are looking for.

Packwoods Exotic Gummies really pack a punch

Too Many Brands Making Exotic Blends, HHC and Delta 8 Gummies

While that quick internet search shows that there are a ton of brands making cannabinoid gummies these days, it’s extremely rare to find a brand that has the experience, the flavors, and the power of Packwoods. Their extracts are second to none, and no one has the inventory, or the price of Fungummies,

Buy Packwoods Gummies now Exclusively at stands apart with its selection and inventory, and our soon-to-be minted reputation of providing the most fun and highly-effective exotic gummy experience you’re looking for. Get our gummies and get knocked out— with all the flavors and blends that make it so tasty, and effective, going down.

We believe in the freedom to eat alternative cannabinoid gummies just like you do!