Free Shipping On All Orders $50+

Free Shipping On All Orders $50+

Packs Two-Gram Vapes Blend HHC and HHCP for Your Best High Ever

Our Packs Two-Gram HHC/HHCP vapes are the bomb! They contain two unique cannabinoids: HHC and HHCP. Let’s dive into what sets these compounds apart and why they’re becoming so popular. What is the HHC in our Packs Two-Gram Vapes? Packs Two-Gram Vapes are popular partly because of HHC, or Hexahydrocannabinol. HHC is a hydrogenated form […]

Why We LOVE Packs Flavored Bursts THCA Pre Rolls!

Packs Flavored Bursts Pre Rolled THCA Joints Add Some Fun Every Mini Burst Pre Roll is equipped with a terpene flavor ball in the crutch (tip, filter, whatever you want to call it). Burst the ball, and a subtle wave of flavor is mixed with the smoke to add to your smoking experience. This is […]

Introducing Packwoods Super Smacked Delta 9 3600mg Gummies

So, just how strong are Hemp-Derived Delta-9 3600 mg Super Smacked Gummies anyway?  We have just launched a new product on the site: Hemp-derived Delta-9 3600 mg Super Smacked gummies. They are insanely strong, so we thought we’d do a little home experimentation and write about it. First of All, What is Hemp-Derived Delta-9? […]

Introducing Packwoods Super Smacked HHC 3600mg Gummies

Packwoods Gummies ALL NEW 3600mg Super Smacked Gummies are Here! We have a new line of product for you, and it’s not for newbies and the faint of heart. To give you a little perspective, our regular strength HHC gummies are 50 mg per gummy. Super Smacked HHC Gummies are 360 mg each! So Why […]

Introducing PACKS THCa Pre-Rolled Mini Burst Pre Roll

New Packs Product Launch! We are excited to announce the launch of our new product line: Packs Mini Burst THCa Pre-rolls. We think these are going to be very popular with our customers, and have marked them down to a low introductory price of $29.99 per container of five mini joints. Understanding the Basics of […]

Elevate Your Vibe: Exploring the Buzz Behind Packwoods HHC Gummies

Packwoods HHC Gummies Bring the Buzz If you’re on the hunt for a discreet, buzz-worthy experience that goes beyond the ordinary, look no further than our HHC gummies. These stealthy game-changers have been gaining popularity for delivering a positive buzz that’s not only exhilarating but also provides a safe and reliable escape from the daily […]

Why Everyone Is Talking about HHC Gummies In 2024

Learn More About HHC, the Cool Cousin of THC Hey there, fellow flavor adventurers! If you haven’t already jumped on the HHC gummies train, you’re seriously missing out on a taste of pure joy. Wondering why everyone’s raving about these little chewy wonders? Let’s break it down in a way that’s as easy to digest […]

Why Everyone Is Loving Delta-8 Gummies In 2024

Delta 8 Gummies Girl Enjoying

Why Delta-8 Gummies Are Your Go-To for a Chill, Legal, and Yummy Time Hey there, fellow cannabis explorers! If you’ve been keeping up with the cannabis scene lately, you’ve probably caught wind of Delta-8 THC and its rise to fame – especially when it comes to gummies! In this blog, we’re diving into why Delta-8 […]

Why Everyone is Eating Hemp Gummies

HHC, Delta 8, THC-O and THCa Gummies are the New Go-To for Gen Z, Millennials, and GenX Seeking a Safe and Legal Alternative to Traditional Drugs HHC, Delta 8, THC-O and THCa gummies have become increasingly popular in the world of edibles due to their convenience, discreetness, and delicious flavors. These chewy treats are infused […]

Fungummies, LLC Launches Direct-to-Consumer Website Featuring Exclusive Packwoods Gummies. is the official retail partner of Packwoods Los Angeles, with introductory pricing at just $19.95/bag Los Angeles, California (November 1st, 2023)  – Fungummies is proud to announce the launch of its first retail website, . With long term plans of further collaborations to bring the absolute best psychoactive hemp derived products to customers […]